Does no one understand the struggle of support?

Does no one understand the struggle of having to sacrifice yourself in order to save the carry from dying only to be bitched at for 'feeding?' How about when your carry is gone and 4 people gather to surround the tower and you still are bitched at for dying? Or maybe you get blamed for losing the team fight when you weren't the one to charge in blindly while everyone else dies? Best-case scenario, you're the one being yelled at for your team dying in a fight just as you're about to arrive only to have a race-car carry melt you down after killing the rest of your team? Even better, literally everyone judges you based on your kills, and you've been busy giving your carry all the kills whilst dying for a 2-for-1 trade! So when you lose the lane due to 5 people rolling through, you're the one that's blamed! Long story short, support is a role that seemingly has a level of standard that is challenged by the rest of the team's mistakes. Other lanes have their own problems, but from my own experience now and then, support is never safe from salt. I mean... shit happens but no one seems to see it other than "you suck"
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