Why Sol doesn't need a rework, and how you'll crush a ton of player's hearts in doing so...

Really hope a Rioter reads this and gets this message over to Luke Rinard. Something I want to get out of the way quickly, which I feel like is a foundation to my reasoning. There is a lot of champions in league at the moment (and I'm hoping that never stops) however, it is OK for some champions to always appeal to few players. Play-rate should almost rarely ever factor into reworking a champion. Game health, Unique Identity, Satisfaction, and Balance however should be the traits to be considered. 1. First thing off the bat. Aurelion Sol is a very powerful champion. However as many have seen, he has very exploitable weakness. This is something that prevents other players from playing him, as they don't know how to cope with it or want to cope with it. However in my opinion (and many others) this is a great learning curve for players who do want to play Sol and part of this feeling it feels so successful to play him. 2. Earlier I mentioned Satisfaction is a important reason of whether or not to rework a champion (regardless of whether it's small or large). A common mistake people who don't play Sol is that they say he feels unsatisfying to play. This is wrong. Remember: there is already a lot of champions in league; let those players who feel like that, play those champions. Since this is the case, and play-rate doesn't matter, we must instead seek the opinions of players who DO play Sol. Every single one of those players love the play-style and find it very satisfying. Whenever you see a good Sol play you just watch their screen in awe. His play-style when played well is really something special. I've said it before and I'll say it again, there are already so many champions in league, let a few champions appeal to those players who love the play-style and understand it. Taking that away from them, is also taking a part from them as well. If you want a champion that feels more satisfying to play appeal to a great majority of players, just make a new champion (like Kayn for example, so see? No need to rework Sol). 3. There is a final nail in the coffin on why reworking Sol is a terrible idea. He is one of the few champions I look at and say, "this champion is a perfection of balance". He's just in such a good spot in the moment, which is why I was so shocked when a possible mini-rework was announced. His play-style and roaming potential was so well made, just game-wise he is extremely healthy. While he seems weak to other players (or unsatisfying) he is a monster in the right hands - and no it's like our buddy Azir {{champion:268}} . Unlike Azir, Sol was crafted so well that he has clear to see weaknesses; which is why I have been saying, and will continue to say, makes him a really healthy champion in our beloved game League of Legends. Rinard, you have made a amazing champion. Don't think for a second he needs any kind of rework. Making a champion that special is something you should feel good about. It's a champion that will face the test of time I promise you. Don't worry about play-right, just feel great that the champion you made truly shines in the hands of the right players. Save Sol {{champion:136}} everyone please. I am begging you all. Up-vote this post, and feel free to add to what I've posted. Riot it's okay to make mistakes, but this is one you have more than enough time to prevent; please do so. Keep Sol in the hearts of his summoners. tl;dr There is more than enough champions that appeal to a majority of players, and it should be fine for a few champions to appeal to only specific champions. Instead of basing a rework off of the feedback from those players who don't play him, understand he feels great to play for those that do play him. Sol is a very balanced champion, who feels like a powerful champion to play in the right hands, but unlike Azir; still has very clear weaknesses that the player must learn to cope with. Sol is a great champion who doesn't need a rework, and probably will stand the test of time. EDIT: As summoner Danielpezglobo has pointed out, it seems Riot has already done some tests and have concluded that it might not be the best to change his abilities much after all. They still might do some tweaks but as for a rework nothing is planned at the moment. Which is a huge relief! Here is the link Danielpezglobo posted: https://www.reddit.com/r/Aurelion_Sol_mains/comments/5smzm7/minirework_no_longer_planned_riot_might_settle/
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