You did it riot, you made me put away my wallet to your business.

This season has honestly made me question "why am I even playing?" more than ever. I love your game so much but from the balances to dynamic queue, I just can't see the point in purchasing any more RP. I like an even playing field, but this season just isn't cutting the mustard. I finally reached my promo after a constant grind where I split the first two games. What do I get next? I queue in a game only to get absolutely destroyed in my third game. I'm far from a good player, but I know I can handle myself fairly well in Silver even when losing, I'm not too far behind my laner. Being completely outclassed by this Yasuo and seeing how good he was vs my teammates made me think something was up. Looking up his match history, he has gone 17-3 in his last 20. I know streaks happen, but I just find this one fishy. Even if it legit, I can't but help think that dynamic queue has made this hard for a solo player to climb. I work 40 hours a week, so I don't typically have a duo or trio to regularly queue with. I know I'm not smart enough to quit league all together because of that addicting pull it has on me, but I don't see the rank climb worth it anymore. I love my Gold morgana skin, but at this point it's just not fun to even try. As someone mentioned in a previous post, DQ feels like a form of boosting that you seem to be okay with. I know in the grand scheme of things, my wallet won't dent your revenue, but for someone who spends more on here than the average player, I hope it is a wakeup call. Keep trying to improve you game, I really don't want to quit altogether.
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