How LP system effects good players and should Riot Improve it in further year/s

This will be longer post so here is table of context so you can skip some stuff that you either are bored to read or already know what i am trying to say. 1.Introduction and some basic stuff about RNG in games and what is decided by single players and whats not. 2.Explanation how lp system extends amount of games that good players need to play. 3.LP system its connection to MMR and what its rewards and what it doesn't. 4.What is bad at current lp lose system. 5.How it makes game toxic more than it should be. 6.How it can be improved in a healthy way. 1. Hi every one i wanted to discus this topic for a long time but never realized how much is it problem since i liked this game, now only thing that makes me play League of legends is just to get higher and higher rank and just play against other players to show how good i am and we all realize how hard it is since its a team game, you and 4 other people playing against 5 other people all (Huh we cant rly say all 10 are trying since we all meet at least 1 player each day that plays ranked just to play game not caring about win or lose, since if every on was trying they would all play champs they are good at) trying to destroy enemy nexus and out perform enemies in any way possible farming, CSing, taking objectives, warding etc, some players are better some are worse so ranked games in your main elo are most times based on luck what kind of players we get on our team, and we all had X number of games where we did super good tried our best and still lost game since enemy team was just better than ours maybe enemy ADC had better mechanics, enemy MID roamed more, support roamed and warded more than ours or we maybe made some mistakes our self's or simply enemy team played better as a team that is most common reason for a lose in a ranked game and only thing we can do is try to understand what we did wrong and try to learn new things and how to act in certain situations and again we know how that is hard since things change and game gets updated so i debate any casual player that plays 1/2 games a day can get higher than gold and many people trying to improve need to sacrifice a lot of their free time to do so since its rly not easy to idk go from gold 5 to platinum 5 when you need either to become super good at game your self or get super lucky and win most of the games and still climb very slow and i think no one that does good him self should be hold back by others since real game is not LCS and its so hard to win games by your own since its gold based and team with more gold is more likely to win since they have stronger items that have to do nothing with skill and how good you are obs 6/1 Yasuo will kill you 1v1 even if you hit all that you can as 3/1 Graves since he has much more damage than you and you will lose that game even if you tried your best and lose same amount of lp (maybe 1/2 lp less that makes no difference at all) as your worst player on a team and you will need to play more and more games. 2. So there is a lot of stuff holding good players back as mentioned above since every time their team does bad even if they them self's do good they will still lose and every time that happens time that they need to play extends for 2 more games since when you lose you need to win 2 more games to compensate that 1 that you lost and if you are confused how so let me explain it, lets say you win game and you are on 60 lp you play next one and you lose 18 lp so you didn't get any thing for that game and you lost almost all lp that you got from a past game so now you need to win 2 more games to be in advantage and lets say you get unlucky and lose 3 games in a row now you lost 6 games worth of your time since you got nothing from that 3 games and lost almost all lp from past 3 wins and now you need to play more and more and more and it continues until you final'y hit that rank that you want after X games from that you got nothing since you didn't menage to beat enemy team on your own and amount of games played starts to decide your rank. 3. Now when we got basic stuff out of way lets see how lp system is designed and what it rewards and what it doesn't reward and how it is connected to MMR. Lp system will give more lp on a win and less lp lose on a lose only if you have win streaks since lp gains scale with MMR since win streaks get you large portions of MMR cus you are showing that you are better than most of your enemy's that you are matched with so it will try to match you with stronger players and it will reward you with more lp since you win against players that are above your division and it will take less lp from you since you lost against players that are above your division, only problem in this system is that MMR is in most causes lost faster than its gained since again you can get unlucky with your team and get a lose streak and drop to your current division MMR even if you did good your self and there is no way to gain MMR by losing or learn how to impact MMR gains and loses since Riot never released formula for MMR and there is no current way to see your real MMR except some third party sites that are close to it (idk why they did not its 8 years old and most today's games would care less to steal it since every one made their own formulas that work better and tilt less of its player base). 4. Current lp system doesn't reward good players in losing games in any way and it just makes them play more games since it takes away almost same amount of lp from both good and bad players and rewards same amount of lp to good and a bad player even if maybe that 1 player single handed won that game for all of that 4 players that he shared team with. 5. Now every one of us at some point got mad at some of our team mates maybe they had a bad game or maybe they were just simply toxic for no reason what so ever and did we ask our self why we get mad at people from our team? is it us? or is it game that we play that makes every single player from a team connected to each other and if one does bad whole team suffers and if you rly start trying to win and some one just cant listen to you and focus better on a game so you as a team can win it you will get mad at them since they aren't losing only their own lp they are losing yours lp too and your chances to get to your desired rank and that's why League of Legends is called one of most toxic game community's since its not about players its how game is designed since if good players lost less lp than bad players there would be no need for any one that be toxic since they know they tried their best and that they will at least get small reward for it. 6. Now lets see how lp lose system be improved in a healthy way that doesn't hurt any one, well lp loses can be based on over all contribution to team aka warding, kill participation, map vision, damage dealt, damage healed, damage taken, objectives secured, towers destroyed since good player can always impact games on hes own but not to the point that he can solo win them with out other 3/4 players all the time and this way good players can at least get rewarded with less deduction of lp if they play as a team member and it wont encourage selfish playing styles. Thanks to any one that reads this and posts comment for further discussion and thoughts.
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