I Hate What Urf Became

this mode is garbage riot.. i dont know who in this community begs for it but urf is terrible. the game mode started as a fun way to have some quick memes, play some non-sence and have some fun. all it is now is sweaty neckbeard trihards picking op champs and rushing the nexus down. what fun is that? thats just the standard garbage league we hate + scaling that breaks the game. elder dragon and baron should have never been put into a TDM game mode like urf, especially since they added the stupid cannon that shoots your whole team anywhere they want to go. now i liked urf in the past, they were alright but now they are just a shred of what they once were. My perfect urf, is a 6v6 where no one gets to pick their champions/runes/items, its on the howling abyss map, so no dragons or stupid buffs, no stupid event cannon, and the only way to push down towers is to kill people, 1 kill is 10 damage, an ace is 100, and thats it. no tricks or mechanics. no banned runes or champions, all items available, (removing double tear also really hurt urf)
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