vlad's new E is laughably bad

Why is this ability able to be blocked by units? The previous e did not do this. This is just a massive nerf to the ability. But it has "counterplay" now. Great. Why does this ability SLOW vlad when fully charged? If anything it should to the opposite and speed him up when fully charged. Vlad has very little ability to actually close the gap on enemies or dive in team fights. So E cost %hp health to cast, has a telegraphed charge up time, lost it's healing buff, gets blocked by unit collision, and SLOWS vlad when fully charged. For what? A little bit more damage? This ability is a complete pile of shit and almost holistically worse than the previous spell. Considering the amount of power it lost, the damage should be WAY higher. Actually, could you just give us the previous E back? This rework is complete garbage and feels worse to play in every way from the previous vlad. Riot, you just added a ton of counter play to his kit with basically ZERO compensation. Vlad was already a below average champion, now he is complete trash. Was there even a goal to this rework other than a massive nerf in the form of "counterplay"?
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