So when Jungler going to be viable role without being ruined by level 2 champions?

Honestly, you gutted Jungler role for most of champions cause there some cheesy champions that can cheese people early game and give them hell. Now let's talk about the champions that cheese the game such like {{champion:64}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:29}} etc that goes in your lane level2 and just kill you cause you still level 1 without any counter to that due to all nerfs to vision and you not able to get level 2 easily making it like jungler have pressure and decide lane for their laners. So riot logic to solve this is to nerf the whole jungle for every other champion that can't cheese level 2 and make impact like other cheese level 2 champions? Like really you guys seem like you don't get the problem, Jungler doesn't make much pressure and doesn't affect lanes much as much as early cheese from strong level 2 jungler cause you gutted down vision and leaving champions with ability to cheese you level 2. That why people hate jungler pressure cause early pressure not late pressure.

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