3/9 PBE Rumble changes: Still fine...-ish, still completely missing the mark. (+ a request to Riot)

[(In case you've missed out on the context, here's the current PBE patch with all the changes)](http://www.surrenderat20.net/2018/03/39-pbe-update-ggmf-splash-art-update.html) Hello everyone, and welcome to my another Rumble-related discussion post. First of all, I'd like to thank [RiotWittrock](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/xF7mKaPE-rumble-buffs-are-fine-but-its-not-what-he-needs-riotwittrock?comment=0002) for a rather quick response to my last thread, kudos to you for that and for listening to the feedback. But, as you might expect from the title, this post might get pretty ugly really quick, but I hope that you still hear me out on what I'm trying to say. Rumble has been in a rather bad spot for several months now, to some, since Runes Reforged, to some since 7.12 nerfs, to some he's been dead ever since 5.16 came along. Rumble mains have went through a lot of rough stuff on our journey that was League of Legends, we had our ups, we've had our downs, but we pulled through and have patiently waited for the day that Rumble gets to have some serious time in the spotlight, after years of continuous nerfs, adjustments, MR and AP item revamps (that have always more or less left Rumble in a more and more awkward spot, but I digress), with the game evolving this much, both in its general sense of gameplay, aesthetics and philosophies behind them, to communication between Rioters and players and general transparency. So seeing League's development go in such a promising direction, it feels tedious, at times flat out disheartening to see that apparently all of those things when applied to Rumble are still stuck in 2011 when Riot was a small indie company with no certain position in gaming industry. Whenever Rumble had any changes planned to him, they were almost always purely number-based, or bit-by-bit stripped Rumble from his identity and niche (most noteably his lane bully identity is pretty much non-existant at this point) to eventually get dumbed down to an ult-bot with no meaningful incentive to play like an actual short ranged battlemage which he seems to be marketed as. So now to see that when Rumble is possibly at one of his lowest points of performance in history, and with the overall concern of Rumble players rising with each passing day, when you have the chance to actually take a closer look at his kit, revamp it, improve with some of more modern solutions and technologies, make it more fun for both the Rumble players and their opponents, ***we're still stuck with "slap a number on an ability" set of changes***. And while today's PBE build, which is as follows: Flamespitter (Q) Total Damage increased from 135/180/225/270/315 (+110% AP) to 150/200/250/300/350 (+110% AP) Damage to minions lowered from 75% to 70% The Equalizer (R) Total Damage (over 5s) increased from 650/925/1200 (+150%AP) to 700/1000/1300 (+175%AP) Isn't as controversial as the last one, and might somewhat help Rumble slightly climb back up in statistics, (mostly because the last one in reality ended up to be more of a nerf), ***it's really not the right time to just brush off Rumble like that***. Historically Rumble's been known to just get the nerfbat swung at his way the moment he's proven to be slightly above the average due to his damage numbers, and as the time passes on, Rumble's kit becomes more and more outdated, keeps up at a lower pace with all the other changes happening around him, becomes much easier to counter/outplay/render useless, just dumbing down Rumble to a ball of stats that only wins because his damage numbers just so happened to be higher than his opponents' is the worst that can happen to him. It's not only a lazy solution, but also doesn't meaningfully help in the long run, in fact all it does it breed even more problems with Rumble becoming completely dependant on outnumbering his opponents in damage values, and getting completely destroyed if he can't get ahead, but as we've also noticed, getting that advantage on Rumble has become even more difficult to acquire. With his Q cooldown being massively increased, giving him less opportunities to actually fight his opponent, and at the same time increasing the amount of ways to prevent him from fighting in the first place (Doran's Shield, Second Wind, Spirit Visage/Adaptive Helm all on top of each other feel too overbearing to deal with even with all the penetration Rumble can get), while Rumble himself still stays at his piss-poor levels of base stats (champions like Draven, Swain, Veigar, Vladimir, Teemo, Jayce and such all have comparable/higher base Health/Armor than Rumble with the additional benefit of being actual ranged champions, better early game kits, while more or less doing the same job that Rumble wants to do in lane but better), further discouraging him from engaging in a trade, all he has left is to farm for 20 minutes in lane, hope that his opponent is incompetent enough to somehow die to him before they get access to their defenses against Rumble, while also clinging onto another hope that the said Rumble player doesn't get immediatly outscaled by enemy bot lane due to how much faster they can spike than he ever will. And now that there's also waveclear changes coming making minions harder to clear due to their increased hp values, and his Q's damage to minions still being kept at reduced levels, it might make his time in lave even harder. In the era when champion mains get to heavily influence the future of their favourites, Rengar/LeBlanc reverts are happening, Quinn is finally getting looked at in terms of both game health and satisfaction, and Ahri gets revamped purely because her playerbase cried loud enough, I feel like Rumble is just being left out in this whole thing, and in a way, I'm left out as well as a player and a member of the community. Which is why I'd like to ask one thing of Riot's Balancing Team/Whoever is handling the Rumble changes (I'm gonna assume it's Wittrock but you can never be sure), let's take a deep breath, sit down, and actually talk in-depth about Rumble. Not just these Rumble changes, I'm talking Rumble as a whole, what do you think Rumble's place in the game is, how do we as Rumble mains percieve it, what kind of support can we expect from you moving on, exchange ideas on how Rumble could be rebalanced, it really doesn't matter how we'd do it, discord, skype, reddit AMA, private conversations, smoke signals, whatever, the point is, it's time Rumble finally got the spotlight he deserves, for your and our good.
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