Kha'zix and other "Oppotunistic" picks

Anyone else tired that champions like {{champion:121}} do not really have to do anything at all in order to get fed. They benefit off other people's work and I find that completely unacceptable. Especially when their playerbase are so arrogant and complain about AD Assassins being "weak". They aren't weak at all. All assassins need to do is wait for a lane to be brought to under 50% health and then jump on them and take the credit and FREE KILLS. They don't have to do any real work for it and get full credit. I think this is the main reason I hate assassins and their playerbase so much because they get tools that mean that they do not really have to put any effort in at all. Then Riot goes and makes it 10x easier for Stealth Champs to get into a lane and kill somebody because there is no real reliable counter to stealth based champions anymore. Can we please have Pink Wards back, {{champion:35}} and {{champion:107}} CERTAINLY did not suffer when they were implemented in the game. As a support player, I find it frustrating that I need to put in all this effort to protect my ADC and to do my job but assassins don't have to put half as much thought into their role as they can profit off everyone else.
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