@Meddler: new rift herald requires an inventory slot. What if you don't have one?

As an example: {{item:1041}} {{item:2031}} {{item:1053}} {{item:1038}} {{item:1037}} {{item:1018}} Can't you guys figure out a better way to do this? EDIT: since people are dumb: I'm talking about the inability to pick up the item if your item slots are full, which is entirely dependent on how complete your items are - and after the IE/zeal changes, it might be "meta" to build 2 items at once instead of completing one then the other. EDIT 2: "Why are you taking herald alone? Your top laner should have an inventory slot" - what if the enemy team tries to stop us and kills my top laner? Should I really be denied the buff because I have no slots open, even though I successfully killed the herald and didn't die like my dumbass teammate?
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