Every recent balance change reduces choice and player expression. Why are you doing this?

I am absolutely lost on some of these balance changes. High plat support main. Why are you reducing player choice and expression through item builds and rune choice? I feel like I am more pigeonholed than ever into buying a specific set of items or playing a certain way. This is just... completely wrong and the opposite direction I want the game to go in. Are you trying to cater to new players? Are you trying to make the game easier to play? I've never been more opposed to so many of your recent changes. It's fascinating and terrifying to watch the 'dumbing down of league'. 1.) **Runes Reforged did some neat things, but it definitely means less choice for players coming into the game.** There are so many obvious 'right' picks for champions that it's sad how few options you truly get. If i want to try a new 'build' .. it feels like I'm under performing or getting punished for trying something new. _A lot of this is because the design caters to a specific type of or set of champions. As an example, what mage has interest in the 'precision' tree? Not many. They should have that option. 2nd example: Let's look at overgrowth. It's absolutely broken-good on someone like Mundo. What about a champion like Zilean? it nets him about 150 health after 30 minutes. It's not viable, and it should be. _ Add to this the imbalance between some of the trees and you get a really 'basic' experience. I want more runes. I want the runes to be competitive with each other, I don't want to EVER see one rune to rule them all, which is most of what it is right now. I want the ability to customize my starting stats and abilities more than currently offered, and runes could totally do this, but it just doesn't right now. 2.) **The potency that champions bring to the table has never been more out of wack**, and I understand this to a point because of Runes, but... enough is enough. Certain champions are now awful, and other ones are completely busted. Please react accordingly and make some changes. I'm tired of wasting my bans on Ezreal and Vayne. You also really, really need to look into buffing champions who just arent competitive. Furthermore... Dinger wasn't on ANYONES radar, yea, he's annoying - but there are SO many worse offenders right now, and so many champions who need attention more. Why are you even bothering with him? 3.) **The support item changes are pretty baffling.** I want a MORE COMPLEX AND REWARDING VISION SYSTEM. I do not want my first support item to just promise the basic wards and that's that. This is a step backward and frankly stupifies the game in many ways. Nevermind all the balance issues your going to have to fix along with it, like removing all the old support actives. Those items allowed players tremendous freedom to have player and skill expression... They just gone now? Why? I mean, more gold is always good, and supports could always use more gold to stay competitive, but this isn't the right direction to go. **You need MORE options with MORE player expression. Not. Less. ** 3.) **There is no longer any significant item diversity in league.** There is a core set of items that are broken, and that's what you get. Doubly so if you have a champion that syngerizes extra good with one of those items. It's so bad right now that if you DONT have a champion that works well with one of those items, your out of the meta. Go back to point 2 - its the same thing - more changes that REDUCE player choice and put everyone on the same path. Please get some of the items under control. And there are some crap ones right now in league. Why haven't you messed with these? I'm not asking for broken items, but holy shit, lets give some of these some love - If you did, we might have some better OPTIONS to play with. {{item:3060}} {{item:3056}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3091}} 4.) **Kleptomancy NEEDS to be standardized. **Why are you tying it into an autoattack? What's the problem with having it hand out an item every 30-60 seconds? It is a NON-CHOICE to most melee champions because of this. Make it proc on spells, at least. So its not reserved for Ezreal or GP. This would open up the keystone and frankly, the whole path to being taken on a LOT more champions. Why are all of your decisions reducing player choice? Why are you taking away rather than giving options?
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