Diana Gameplay changes. A message to Zhanos :)

About the: Small Diana Gameplay changes coming to PBE I do not know if you're going to read it, but I'd like you to think about it. Diana is one of my favorite heroes, always enjoyed playing with her and always dreamed for a remake in her ultimate. Her combo is nice and coherent but lacks that one skill worthy of being called **THE ULTIMATE**. For example, when you changed Akali's ultimate, which worked similar to Diana's(a simple dash with damage), the ability became much more interesting. My suggestion is to change **Lunar Rush**(R) for **Moonfall**(E) and transform the **Moonfall **into an epic skill worthy of its name. P - Moonsilver Blade _**REMOVED:**_ 30-90% Attack Speed ​​after casting a spell E - Lunar Rush Diana dashes to the enemy target, dealing magic damage and... _**NEW:**_ Diana gains bonus attack speed for her next 3 basic attacks R - Moonfall Diana draws nearby enemies towards her location, slowing them down for 2 seconds afterwards. _**NEW:**_ Diana grabs the first enemy that is pulled up to her and ascends to the sky leaping off the map, then slamming the enemy into the ground at a nearby location of your choice dealing area damage. --- Visually it would be cool if she fell like a big ball of white light... you know... like the way we see the moon. **Moya **(from the extinct game DawnGate) and **Imperius **from Heroes of the Storm, have this type of Ultimate and they are awesome. Moonfall would fit perfectly with the Diana's theme. And she would probably need some numerical adjustments in the rest of her kit. {{champion:131}}
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