@Riot How do you catalog the strengths and weaknesses of a champion?

Once a character has hit the ground, be it in internal alpha, PBE, or live, how do you keep track of the peaks and valleys of a character's game play? How do you present these things for you or someone else to digest and how do you archive it so that certain issues are accessible? There's a character that has less counterplay than I'd like and has few meaningful fallback strategies when doing poorly. How do you communicate those issues to other designers on the project in reference form (i.e. documentation) so the problem is always clear? While I'm at it, do you feel that every champ needs a fallback strategy. Why or why not? I've read that you consider Yasuo a well designed champ in terms of the "levers" that can be pulled to keep him in line while also having a strong defensive tool (his Wind Wall) to keep him relevant in teamfights when he's doing poorly. Does every champ need this or should certain champs stay behind if they don't secure an early lead? Finally, what are ways in which you attempt to create counterplay where there's very little?
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