Stopping the Player Level Bots

I've started to play Twisted Treeline a lot more now, and in my first 5 games, I have realized that there are a LOT of IP farming/level farming bots. Botted accounts. Stuff like that. My friend and I will be playing duo on treeline, and our teammate (more times than not) will be a bot who feeds by going 0-13 in 2 minutes, diving towers at level 2 with no minions nearby, and doing other really dumb things. So, how do we fix this? Easy. Have a captcha system, or something related. Before you can queue up (ANY TIME), you will need to complete a captcha. It should be one of the ones that has a white box with a bunch of lines, and something behind it (such as 2 + 2), and the player will need to fill in "4" before they can queue up. Now, I guess people can just fill that out and leave an auto play script on, but this will cut down on autoqueue scripts and things like that. Oh, also a new reporting option to report someone for scripting as a level bot/ip farming bot. Easy to get evidence for a ban on this one :)
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