Can Yasuo Get Some Removals like Irelia/Akali?

Both of those champs are getting some removals of parts of their kits are overloaded. Yasuo is one of the most banned champions in this game, and has been for years. He's not broken, but a headache to vs. -Shield on passive that recharges, on the same passive with doubling your crit chance. -Q allows him to shove waves with no costs to him, also provides him a knockup. If it crits, the whole Q procs his life steal, instead of just the onhit part (including tornado). -Windwall blocks all abilities besides lazers and a few other exceptions. You wanna play Nami? have fun having your whole kit blocked by this, including heals. -E is endless dashing with almost no CD provided theres a minion wave. Gives really good early game trading, esp if youre against immobile mage (Lux for example). Slide up, try to attack, about to get snared, just slide back. Also has dmg increase per slide for no reason? maybe to help his already amazing waveclear, havent you seen a yasuo's endgame waveclear? -Ulti gives him armor pen, suspension of target, can be AoE, also moves him out of turret range because he needs more safety. Now, Akali is about to have her shown in turret radius, and is losing her healing on Q. Irelia lost dmg to shields and her disarm. They were finally hit, but Yasuo's been a frustration issue all these years and it's just surprising he hasnt had something removed. You cant really outpush him, and if you roam for one minute, he'll take a lot of plates. You stay in lane, you'll either end up taking a bad trade after one misplay and die/back, or run out of mana and hell do the same. If you aren't hyper aggressive and get kills against him, then he'll scale hard and feel unkillable late game. So yeah, theres my opinion. Feel free to disagree, but for a late game hypercarry having a lot of tools feels extremely unhealthy. That and he can shove waves like nothing while many mages were nerfed for that. As for what to change, nerf Q dmg to minions, make windwall have a braum shield effect (or healthbar) and make the healthbar scale the windwalls health/dmg reduction, not size, and remove the turret safety on his ult so he has to towerdive if hes attacking you. Even just one of these will feel more healthy going against him (Q/W especially).
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