Congratulations Riotgames, you just lost a Season 1 veteran

This stupid meta is the worst thing I've ever experienced. You agree that the damage is too high, and then puts buffs to already stupid champs on the PBE two patches in a row. A couple of days ago I told myself to not support you by buying RP until you fixed all the problems. I really longed for Cosmic Lulu and High Noon Lucian and Thresh, but I just cant support you right now. I decided to continue playing the game though. But now it's three days ago I played a game last time, and I dont feel ANY need whatsoever to even put myself in a queue. I know how it will end. I will get oneshot by everything, I will get frustrated and irritated, and after the game is over I won't join a new queue. Fix the damn game Riot. You're a big game company, not a three people in a cellar. Fix the shit you've caused.
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