“Tanks deal too much damage” but...

Juggernauts and Bruisers are allowed to have the same tankiness and deal assassin level damage. That is fine according to the community. Lets keep continuing about how weak bruisers are shall we? Irelia, Jax, Yasuo, Darius and others being broken are caused by the community crying so Rito released overpowered Conqueror to stop you crying. Bruisers had no problem killing tanks before Conqueror, but it took some time but so what? Let a full tank that spends all his gold on expensive tank items survive for at least 6 to 7 seconds and not die in 2 seconds while having no threat late game. Notice something? Community complains about Assassins being too weak, lets buff Lethality, now the community complains. Community complains about ADCs being unplayable in S7/S8, so they all get buffed while their items also get buffed and Rito release the joke item Stormrazor into the game. Community complains about Junglers being overpowered, so they change scuttle crab and make it harder for junglers throughout the game. Now the community complains.
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