I am really happy that new Nunu + Willump is not a dark edgelord

I am so sick of dark edgelord champions, I came to League of Legends because of the lighter feeling, more "cartoonie" and colourful aspect, and fantasy + magic element it has and new Nunu+Willump does that a lot better, not to mention their desperate need of better visuals since the day they were released. I want the look of the UI and Client to even reflect a more magical and fantasy vibe to it, like the old client had with the scrolls, I don't want to feel depressed when playing a game ever which is why I have not been playing lately (also just lower the surrender vote to 10 minutes and have it just majourity wins like the normal vote - being stuck in a toxic game just spreads the toxicity to other players and then that spreads even further). Anyways, this is just about saying how I like Nunu + Willump being created about being magical, happy, and cheerful! NO MORE DARK AND EDGY CHAMPIONS PLEASE!!! You ruined Gangplank when you did that because I liked old Gangplank way more since he was happy and jolly and cheered you up playing him, new Gangplank is just depressing to play - Trundle in a similar fashion as well, especially since I liked the hero aspect way more, made him a lot more interesting of a character.

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