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Yo guys, i was playing Akali mid trying to climb something, i am G4 currently. Loading screen appeared and what didn't i find there - 3 of enemy's team were low lvls (top, jg, mid). Ig they were clearly playing out of their elo, especially jungler. Their toplaner was lvl 31 playing Sion and constatly laughing and typing how bad we play and shi**y this elo is and how much fun is he having beating us. Added to that, my adc was having connection problems and he dc'd at least 5 times during the game. I found out later on that they all had very high win-rates for their level. I don't honestly get why Riot Games tolerates this - smurfing totally ruins game experience, it's not like this was 1st time in my life but this pissed me off so much. I may not be the best player ever, i maybe don't make Riot that much money by buying skins, but that doesn't mean me and my team deserved this. The best part was they weren't even going for baron when they aced us, or trying to end - only their bot lane. They were waiting for us in bushes, or Sion ulted down mid and Rammus following him. I play League to spare free time and try to get better, but it doesn't bring me joy, nor LP when enemy has 3 smurf in the team laughing at us.
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