Riot Server Issues

They haven't been as frequent now, but I'm sure we all have been disconnected from the server even though we have a good ping and no network issues on our ends. One of the most annoying things that can happen is getting into champ select and the LoL Client freezes. There is nothing you can do. Then, when you load back in, you have to wait 5 minutes to queue up again. How about instead of punishing players for Riot server issues, there is an IP reward. let's say it's 50 IP per disconnect because of Riot Servers. If that had been around all along, I would probably have all of the champs. Riot, please find a way to differentiate between disconnects from closing and disconnects from Riot server issues so that players who genuinely follow the rules do not have their experiences ruined. I should not have to wait to start another game because I was disconnected by Riot servers. Anyone else?

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