You guys didn't have any of the champs I would have reworked on the vote

My list and why {{champion:2}} This guy is stat checky and un-involved. His ult is awesome but his other abilities are just lifesteal, an auto reset, and damage. His lore is probably the grimmest of lighthearted or the funniest of grim in that he's a viking who wants to die in honorable combat but was cursed with dying a successful old man in his bed surrounded by loved ones (How horrible). given how interesting viking warfare actually was I think a viking champ in modern standards would be amazing. I'd put him in the juggernaut or duelist category, and I could imagine his rework being amazing and somewhere between sion and warwick with a splash of aatrox. {{champion:131}} She just needs love, a proper AP bruiser/fighter should be brought into the game {{champion:23}} Whenever he's relevant noone wants him in their game, he's more obnoxious to deal with than his brother yasuo, who is definitely his brother according to my rage, ... fuck it you all know why I hate tryn... anyways he's actually got cool lore and could have a cool kit when translated to modern standards {{champion:62}} Who will remember that they have a character named wukong in the game first? League of Legends dev team or Warframe dev team? Well until that one is settled all the wukong mains will be left in the dust {{champion:77}} Idunno... really not even being considered for rework yet? this is a joke at this point. {{champion:35}} Just rework shaco, all the shaco mains do these days is lament about their abandoned champs

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