Talon needs some attention

I think Talon needs some powershifts on his abilities so he feels better to play as and againts. Right now he feels awfull to play despite being S tier for a long while according to alot of tierlists like proguides and midbeast. According to [this post on reddit](https://www.reddit.com/r/Talonmains/comments/bqbf36/talon_feels_really_bad_to_play_for_me_and_i_want/) I'm not alone in saying that Talon doesn't feel good to play, including Yamikaze, a challenger Talon otp that also feels the same way [seen here](https://www.reddit.com/r/Talonmains/comments/b34v9m/my_opinion_of_talon_in_season_9_by_a_challenger/) To keep it short, I'll write down his main problems, say a way I would adress them, and after I'll write some problems that are not that important but are still annoying. * His abilities feel bad to use. His melee q often screws you over and usually Talon mains walk backwards to ranged q since melee q self stuns you, making you not auto right after, making you not proc your passive and duskblade. His w deals close to no damage and you are forced to go tiamat (an item that doesn't build into anything Talon wants) to have any kind of waveclear, that is crutial for a roaming champion. His e has been bugged since Talon got first reworked, making you often backflip or [walk back and forward](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=95BSFaJHrDk). His ult sometimes doesn't make you go invisible if you auto'd right before ulting. * Having to rush tiamat every game. Talon's w, at no point in the game, oneshots the casters. This forces you to get tiamat first item every game if you want to either split push or waveclear to roam. If for some reason you have to build hexdrinker you'll be down 5850 gold before u finally hit your first power spike being ghostblade or duskblade. * Lethality sucks, both the stats and the items. Assassins have no options, ghostblade into duskblade into lastwisper into black cleaver into ga. That would be fine if lethality wasn't so heavy countered by armor. Duskblades lethality gets countered by ninja tabi's armor alone. Assassins should be countered mainly by positioning, not by items, expecially in the early game. Here are my proposed changes: -Take away 20 damage from passive and put it in w -Remove melee q entirely -Talon can now q while e'ing -Talon can only e once while in combat, it goes on a 10 second cooldown if he uses it, but goes off cooldown if he still is out of combat after he uses it -Fix e and ult bugs -Make lethality start off better or nerf ninja tabis and seekers -Nerf elect and buff assassins to compensate to open options up Now something that is kinda important but not really Can Talon get some lore? I know this isn't gameplay relevant but it’s like they are trying to ignore him. They promised there would be more lore by the end of 2018 and we got nothing. We went through the Urgot and the Swain rework and nothing. This is how Necrit feels about Talons lore and I couldn’t agree more https://youtu.be/micpjSKz6js?t=7420 (2:03:40). Recently a Rioter said that riot isn't working on Talon lore anytime soon and that honestly broke my heart. I don't want to sound like a cry baby but man I just wish Talon's lore wasn't basically "Talon stabs good, but meets a guy that stabs better".
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