How to finally change Teemo, takes maybe a year process

Who are the Most Doomed Champions in League of Legends?
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Good Afternoon fellow Summoners in NA. This is not a QQ thread. Not attempting to troll either. This thread is directed towards **allowing **Teemo to be Sion level rework, in order to obtain the results of removing a toxic champion from the game without hurting Riot. I have linked a youtube video which states the most Doomed Champions in LoL. Teemo of course is #1. His overall point is valid. So how can LoL address their Mascot champion? Nerf him. Destroy him completely in the current game to the point people cannot play him in any state of the game. State of the game means: Lane phase, jungle, any and all roles (top, support, etc.), early game, mid game, late game, etc. Destroy his ratios so items cannot help him scale. Nerf the total damage of his abilities to scale far lower than any other champion in the game. Lower the range on his Q. By doing this, you will obtain the main goal, Teemo wont be played. You will have people play him still because of their preference and love of the guy and will most likely be reported and most likely banned for being a troll. (This idea is not to enhance or promote trolling) Only once Teemo is finally out of mind and out of sight, will Riot be able to roll in like a stealthy ninja and do a Sion level rework of this toxic champion. Once he hits the test servers, people will have a reaction to him. However, because he will be out of sight and out of mind for so long, the player negative reaction will be reduced to a level that proper testing can occur with the new Teemo rework. I believe this to be the best way to actually tackle Teemo. As the youtube link states, Teemo is the Mascot, it is very difficult to change a mascot once they are set in stone, however, stone can be altered and reshaped into something else under the hands of a crafty artist. This is where Riot comes in. Riot needs to get an intelligent person or persons to take on this mountain level task. TL/DR: Watch Youtube link, Nerf everything about teemo to the ground, Long wait results in low teemo play, Stealth Sion level rework, Removal of toxic champion to a new acceptable champion.
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