PSA: if you play zed, and only know how to play aggresive, just stop / Rant

{{champion:238}} vs veigar he rushes at him, veigar uses the stun, on the right location, zed gets stunned, but survives the ult, he then proceeds to head towards veigar, ults and uses ignite, and dies he proceeds to do this three times, veigar is fed at this point, then he goes in all chat , mid open ... i was winning my lane so easly , lategame, he always dives with his ult and ignite, if he sees a low target he goes for it proceeds to get bursted down, because there are 4 people behind him .... then he buys a sightstone and spamms it on the fontain, and runs it down mid and talks in all chat, how bad i am atleast learn how to play safely... instead of diving like a chicken with no head
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