Riot, people would be playing Twisted Treeline if you supported it at all.

...and I don't just mean balance.. Particularly TTL is the one that gets the short end of every stick. - Can't earn mastery tokens despite being considered a core gamemode to league rather then a rotational one. ARAM I understand, but TTL should be treated like rift in this sense given it keeps the core mechanics of the game, why would somebody who's level 5 on brand play on TTL and carry there when he's more rewarded for just doing it on rift? This tilted the fuck outta me when I was spamming kayn to get placements done, and I was only level 6 with one more token to 7 - Most missions are **5v5** PvP only - Didn't get the 10 ban system when TTL is probably the least versitile gamemode with little variety due to the same champs being pick/ban 100% of the time. {{champion:122}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:63}} sure I'd expect blind ban like we have now to literally be the same on both teams but it would at least slightly improve the odds of preventing 7 or 8 champs instead of only 6. - Besides Elise's release and being tied to hexakill which I'm pretty sure was originally on rift, TTL never got anything specifically special to it as far as gamemodes, events, missions, or rewards until season 7's introduction of queue victorious chromas. Gimmie a reason why TTL isn't viable enough to at least count damage dealt towards doing this mission while climbing in it. Gimmie one reason why TTL would be abused for this when there's fewer bodies, few marksmen, and possibly shorter games since TTL's close out faster but are still very capable of swinging sides. Just acknowledge this gamemode and reward players that also acknowledge.. you don't have to force us to play it, just stop forcing us NOT to play it..
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