Twisted Treeline's lack of attention from Riot

Obviously, TT is not comparable to the popularity of the regular game mode summoners rift. But may I ask when the last time TT was even touched by Riot? after many TT games I have realized that the map needs changes done to it as certain champions control the game and many do not. What I mean by this is champions like Kayn, Rammus, Shaco, anyone with the ability to become invis or traverse walls are insanely op in the fact that anyone who cannot do these things will never be able to gank The way the lanes are setup, whatever side you go through to attempt a gank, a minion is very likely to see you giving the enemy vision knowing you are there. but if you play people like kayn this is not a problem. If you play kindred on TT you will never get any of your marks unless the enemy does not have a jungler. Vilemaw is also bugged in which if the enemy kills vile. it stays on the map and no text is given telling you that vile has been slain. Jungle camps dont even have a spawn animation like SR. They poof in. Essentially what I am trying to convey with this post is that TT is not designed well for the current champion pool and the map itself have lack of detail aswell as bugs. Please dont forget that there are people who enjoy playing 3v3. Honestly its one of the least toxic gamemodes to play since there are only 6 people {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
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