Karma needs more mage power, and less support power.

{{champion:43}} has been constantly good in pro play, but she isnt allowed to be any better in solo q because of pro play. Her E is way too good and it, in my opinion, is whats holding her back from ever trying anything on her. Heres a few suggestions I have. #Nerf her E way more and put more power into the rest of her kit This one is simple, Just make Karmas E like Lux's W, so that the shielding is meh, while being allowed to have more power in her other abilities. #Have a mini rework on her E Karmas E is, yet again one of the main reason shes held back from being buffed. If you make her E more of a mage ability, then youll be able to change her kit to your liking and not have to worry about her E becoming oppressive. #Conclusion Karma's E is a major pain point in Karma's kit. Shell need something done about it if she wants to get out of this awkward spot that shes in right now. SHe currently has a 45% winrate in Plat+ (op.gg), and thats not good. Her play rate is also dropping, which is even more alarming considering her winrate. Shes being held back by her E, and probably being a support, which she was not meant to be. Something desperately needs to be done about Karma before shes just dumpstered and left in the trash.
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