Morde stuff that might be unintentional

So I went on the practice tool to mess around with the new rework. Here are some odd things I noticed: Mainly two things. 1. Morde's ult does not remove towers from the Death Realm, but it does remove Baron and Dragon. So he can be extremely good at fights to steal dragon/baron or negate a steal all together. I didn't check if it works on Blue or Red buff but I'm sure it will be the same. This feature seems intentional but it is an insanely strong power to have. 2. Morde's passive takes 3 attacks to proc, unless you have {{item:3742}}, then it takes two (as long as you got an enhanced attack ready). This has to be a bug in my opinion. UPDATE: No other enhanced attacks ({{item:3078}} {{item:3100}}) do what {{item:3742}} does. Also, both buffs disappear with his ult. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this below

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