I can't keep calm anymore. Midlane is infected with assasins and immobile mages suffer the most.

I'm a Diamond 3 midlane player. I play immobile mages. Want a fun fact about what is going on in ranked ladder? If you pick/play ANYTHING but assasins or assassin-y like champions {{champion:142}} {{champion:39}} prepare to get slaughtered in lane and out of your lane as well. Damage is so high these days that having as low amounts of escape as only a single {{summoner:4}} and a piece of ~~shit~~ "defense"{{item:3191}} means death sentence. Immobiles are mostly about DPS and DPS _SUCKS AF_ right now. The game is about burst burst burst 100-0 flashy LС$ playzzz. Because of huge amounts of burst damage ,you have to play from _their_ mistakes and actions since if you yourself try being proactive in these lanes you either get fucked by them more anyway or get ganked and have to sit under turret flashless hoping your mobile opponent doesn't abuse you. Or, what's even worse, goes roaming. Which you can't follow at all or you **will** die. Here are some issues that (unfortunately...) make immobile mage class poor choice for today's standards: * Riot nerfed everything about Sorcery tree as well as waveclear (though, somewhat justified) and mana regen/mana pool * Mages get no compenastion buffs * The compensation buffs to assassins were absolutely unnecessary (who the ** F** thought this was a good idea?) * Ignite buff * A streak of 3-patches-in-a-row Zed buffs... * LeBlanc revert. * Constant addition of even more damage and mobility to the game as well as ways to avoid damage (untargetability/invincibility/invisibility etc.) * Tanks being almost nonexistant which makes mages rely on themselves for peel and defense even more * Adding to the previous point, everyone picks mostly squishy (not bruisers) champions which basically means you don't have frontlane at all * Low amount of variance in AP itemisation _ESPECIALLY_ when it comes to building defense * Outdated/poor variance in decision making kits cannot keep up with all the modern BS that is mobility creep * **These and many other factors made it so assasins are now dominating midlane**. And honestly, it doesn't get any better. It won't get any better. Riot hates mages and non-interactive gameplay. Which in turn is caused by the insane amounts of damage assassins posess nowadays. It _FORCES_ you into uninteractivity. Try anything else, you get destroyed. Please make immobile mage class viable again.
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