With the current philosophy of the balancing team, the damage creep will just get worse

For estimately the past year, If something is too strong, the balance team seems to have this sort of philosophy: Either "*nerf it, but don't forget to compensate in other areas!*", or "*Let's look for the concealed causes instead of directly changing it!*". Here's what I mean: * Duskblade is too strong? Nerf it, but don't forget to compensate every single Duskblade user! * Statikk is *finally* getting nerfed? Don't forget to compensate by buffing another crit item! * Kai'Sa was released in an acceptable state and isn't on par with every other meta BPS adc? Buff! Or, alternatively: * Bot lane is overloaded because they do their counters' job better than their counters themselves? No we won't nerf bot lane, we will buff assassins instead. * Tanks are allowed to either win lane against fighters or play passively and completely ignore them, while also being much more useful later into the game? No we won't simply nerf tanks' trading potential. We'll buff fighters instead. I ask this of the balance team: ##Stop trying to eliminate balance issues by creating more balance issues. If something needs to be nerfed, *nerf it*. Period. And currently, I feel like basically every single meta champion needs a nerf. While, I must admit, the current meta roster is quite diverse compared to previous metas (which is, in itself, a good thing). Still, playing any non-meta champion currently feels like masochism, and again the answer is *not to buff the non-meta champions but to nerf the meta ones*. --- [Edit: I explained my thoughts more clearly in a comment below so I decided to edit the following into the main post. This is just additional clarification, mostly targeted at comments that disagree regarding specific balance changes like "Duskblade" or "Bot lane", which is not at all my point. So you don't have to read any further if you don't feel like it] I'll try to explain my point more clearly. Firstly, let's establish the fact that *damage creep exists*. If you take a look at older LoL videos, champions across the board dealt about *60% less damage* to other champions, and I *am not exaggerating* by any stretch of the imagination. The damage that is thrown around by everything today is absolutely absurd. If you (//this is a general you) think otherwise, it's either because you've gotten used to it in the recent balance state of the game or because you're too new to know how the game felt in earlier seasons. Whether damage creep is a good thing or not is a topic for a whole 'nother day, but I think it's safe to assume that the vast, vast majority of players think that the concept of damage creep is bad game balance, regardless of whether it currently exists within the game or not. Now, my point is an observation on **how the balance team tends to compensate nerfs or attempt to fix issues from "unexpected" angles, and how it strengthens the damage creep in the long run.** Simply put, as I highlighted in my OP, "Stop trying to eliminate balance issues by creating more balance issues". If the balance team came to the conclusion that something needs to be nerfed, simply nerfing it is the best course of action, or at the very least better than the current approach. By buffing other areas of something that needed a nerf (and by that I mean, for example, Duskblade isn't a walking entity. Duskblade was strong on its users, thus it was nerfed), you're creating more problems. By attempting to fix issues from unexpected angles or "concealed" causes, you're creating more problems. As long as something that needs a nerf won't simply be nerfed, it's just an endless cycle, all the while the overall damage across the board won't be reduced. Now, apply this to whatever you may. For Duskblade, I agree that Duskblade users will be left weak without their respective compensations. That's because, as Duskblade users as others, currently almost everything is overloaded. The time that they're left "weak" is the price we pay as a step towards better balance, as we step by step remove the damage creep across the board. But if the cycle won't be broken, it will just grow bigger. We have to start somewhere, and there's a lot to start from. [And that's great; it just means there are more things that can be tied down together, which will minimize the window of specific items/champions being too weak.] Thanks for reading!
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