IT IS 2019. WHY DOES EZREAL STILL GET TO ABUSE THIS ITEM? 1 DAMAGE ITEM (MANAMUNE) AND A TANK ITEM, AND HE DOES MORE DAMAGE THAN ANYBODY ELSE IN THE GAME. Listen, Ezreal is a great champion that should award skilled players for their ability to land skill shots and use his cooldown resets properly. The fact that he can still abuse Iceborn like this to perma slow and make him a semi tank on top of everything else is just absurd. Not only ezreal, but anytime a mage top starts using this item, it immediately becomes a problem. Make it melee only, make it stronger for melees, buff the ranged abusers in fair ways to compensate. This is actually absurd that this needs to be said in 2019. Remove frozen mallet too that item is also stupid, perma slow should be a champion ability like ashe or something, not just something any old person can just buy.
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