You Know What the Hell Happened To Kindred

I'm only making this post because with a recent MagikarpUsedFly video he listed Kindred and it then hit me "oh yeah.....they exist". The sad part about this is they also got reworked not long ago a bit and I still forgot they were in this game. What the hell happened? I was around when they first dropped in the game and they were pretty cool. Though if memory serves me correctly they were also overpowered, leading to a long line of nerfs including their jungle heal (even though the latest jungler can do that!) and soon a rework into more crit based than I believe more on hit items like BC and BotK. So even with the rework why are they so bad still? Well, a think a few reasons why. 1. **They're very farm heavy/rely on marks a lot** - This is something that I think is a big reason why they don't pop up. Since were in a state where early ganks and gaining lane advantage is so huge, it means they just fall off. Oh you need to farm up on jungle before a gank? Well, considering they have WW/Sej/any god like jungler now you basically lose early since you can't gank as much or early as them. Not to mention the fact that they have to rely a lot on their marks too, which you either get from counter jungling, which either the enemy can take early since you don't lose the mark instantly or they wait for you and just ambush you, or by marking enemy champs and earing kills/assists on them, which has an incredibly long cooldown time before marking again and, again, you're very farm heavy. 2. **The champ doesn't feel like two champs** - Here's the thing with Kindred: they're suppose to feel like two entities together and you control them both. However when you play them I constantly feel like I'm playing one of them with the other just attached to certain abilities. Certain champs have just gotten their themes down better than them, like the interaction of Kled and Skaarl, the duel champ power of Xayah and Rakan, even the power struggle of Kayn/Rhaast feels better than them. I always feel like I'm just playing lamb and wolf is just tied to W and E rather than playing with both somehow. 3. **There are just so many other champs to do anything of theirs almost better** - I'm almost dead serious on this. Why would you want to pick Kindred over anyone else in the jungle? You want a marksmen jg? Play Graves or even Twitch. You want an ult to save from death? Kayle, Zilean, or even Taric can cover that. Have a long range marksmen? Tristana can do that just by lvl scaling for fuck sake! % damage? Almost any fighter or tank now a days! Kindred is one of those champs that has a neat concept in the beginning but after 2 years, I believe, they haven't aged well. Before they were either OP or shit and now they're just shit period. You can't stack up marks without long ass champ select times or counter jungling in time, you're very reliant on them, you pretty much become a dead weight if you fall behind which is a majority of the time and you don't feel the theme of playing a pair of champs in one. They just feel like they need a rework but that can't happen since there are already so many other champs that need one and at this point I don't even consider them a part of the game anymore.
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