Why the hell does yasuo's shield go up in combat?

Title. This champ already has everything under the sun, why is it when he is in combat his shield still regenerates???? Malphites doesnt? As far as i Know any other passive shield like that in the game, that you just get for doing basically nothing, does not just randomly pop up in combat unless through an item effect. Yet this mother f---ker can just walk away and get a shield while leaving and stops ignite from killing him, just because he can move away. Yes I'm F--cking salty. I am so tired of this god damn game. They don't balance anything, they just buff shit and don't care about player experience. This live balance team and the champion design teams should be ashamed of themselves. Take a great strategic game and go and turn it into some shit ass game like call of duty, no skill needed just press buttons until someone dies. Great gameplay. /rant
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