Everybody wants to talk about strategy and skill expression in this game, but

NOBODY wants to talk about proper wave control and wave management. It feels really jarring sometimes seeing the Boards praise to high heavens how this game used to be so much more strategic and how skill expression can help you dominate the game but nobody ever seems to talk about what exactly are the fundamental elements behind strategy and skill expression in this game. There's no discussion of objective priority in this game, given a list of Outer, Inner, Inhib Turrets, Dragon, and Baron, what order should you prioritize in what situations. There's no discussion of learning how to properly invest in laners and how not to feed as a laner who got the short end of the stick unless a Jungle player is complaining about it on the Boards. And, perhaps silliest of all, there's no discussion on wave management. Do you want to know why the game feels so damn snowbally? Let me tell you why. Junglers can see you and your waves and 9 times out of 10 they see a juicy sitting duck of a target with no defense to help them. And, when you die even once in the game, you immediately reset the lane into a slow push against the enemy, making you an even easier target for a repeat gank and starving yourself of even more CS. Or, better yet, you saw this crazy clip of a Grandmaster Jax 1v1ing someone into the ground Level 1, so the moment you run into lane, you charge right into the enemy Top Laner and their full wave of minions, start striking away, and Question Mark Ping your Jungle why you lost that trade. And then, you try that again, but into 12 minions this time. Strategy and skill expression in this game is only dead because players don't bother to learn strategies and skill expression. There's not even a hint of discussion about it online outside of specific Youtube Channels. I only picked Wave Management to rant about because it's such a stupid topic for people to consistently get wrong, yet despite that people consistently get wrong. And THEN the community wants to complain about snowballiness in this game and how the game is basically over at the 5 minute mark. Learn micro skills, turn them into strategies, get good at them and play them out over a multitude of games. Maybe you'll find something.
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