Why are shyvana's auto attacks so long and awkward in dragon form and during empowered Q?

This shit actually makes her unplayable. She's straight up worse in dragon form because it takes a full second to actually hit someone with an attack before u can move again. Same thing with empowered q. It's an auto attack reset but it takes so long to hit someone that its not even worth using half the time. It's unbelievable to think riot would intentionally make her this clunky when she already has no cc and therefore already painfully terrible ability to stick on someone. Same exact problem with the ult. The actual leap on the ult is basically stunning yourself for 2 seconds. And the genius riot solution is to just add more damage to her kit. Yea. That was the problem. Not the clunkiness on a melee champion with no cc no sustain and no survivability aside from 5 armor/mr from passive.

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