Fix Zilean's janky, borderline broken passive

Why is something so unimpactful such a pain in the ass to use, and hamstrung with dumb restrictions that prevent any direct impact it might have? There is **no reason** I should have to wait 10s to level somebody up. God forbid I poke with Q or get poked by an auto and the timer starts over. In lane, 10s is usually enough time for my ally to level up on their own. Beyond lane phase, I waste so much time following allies around just to eventually give them a token stat boost. **Zilean's passive should only have a cooldown between successful uses and when interrupted by damage. **Honestly, what even is the worst case scenario here? "Random" level-ups during fights? If I can orchestrate a meaningful all-in with a level advantage, I deserve that payoff. If I'm in some janky situation where an ally is in combat, and rooting myself for a 1s channel to level up them up is worthwhile, then I definitely deserve that shit. The other 90% of the time, I'm just trying to blow my passive on whoever I can and then move on with my life. At least make that easy for me! **However,** first fix the experience of actually using this passive. Despite the ridiculous restrictions on use, this thing has a mind of its own, and you'd be surprised how often I accidentally try (and fail) to level up an ally instead of saving their life in a crisis. **Zilean's passive should not be activated by right-clicking allies. **This is a dead-end of frustration. Maybe instead, allies who are eligible for a level up should have their icon appear above Zilean's skill menu (like Kindred), and the icon should become clickable when the ally is in range to activate the passive. Or something. Please. Zilean is one of those Champions I love so much that I can only think of one thing to complain about, and this is that thing. Make Zilean perfect.
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