UnPopular opinion, Tanks still wont be viable in season 10

So riot apperantly think That over buffing aftershock and nerf Conq is gona make tanks viable. Well if u had an actualy Toplaner on ur balance team, He would tell u that the issue with tanks isnt conq, Its never has been and never will Simply because {{item:3076}} {{item:3047}} {{item:3751}} Exist and as long as This exist, Bruiser will never bee an issue for tanks But i'll tell u from toplaner prespective Whats pushing tanks away and one of answer of obvious, How can u expect tanks to be viable When {{champion:145}} Is globaly in every 3 games, She's impossible to items against her Since her kit is so overloaded with % health damage and its hybred While Being invisible With such high dps {{champion:67}} {{champion:96}} That letarly the more tankier u get the more damage they do and One of them is true dmg Thats impossible to counter, {{champion:28}} That 3 shoot u no matter how much magic resist u have {{champion:63}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:203}} ... How can u expect tanks to be viable With how strong adc and mages late game rightnow While also negating all the resistance u built Thanks to {{item:3153}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3036}} ... Vs How weak tanks item are specialy magic resist item Vs How much burst dmg there's in game and lets not forget that tanks are So boring and unfun to play Yet riot refuse to actualy do anything about it beside buffing aftershock which's Btw is just gona make tank supp more stronger then they already are. In order to make tanks viable, Riot have to put effort in full rework , Analsying whats making them unviable and work on it Well nerfing there stupid dmg, Rework There item and give them Some interesting builds like {{item:3025}} and make them funn to play and Please buff {{item:3047}} Bc adc are strong Rightnow and any one say otherwisde Doesnt not play this game Or he's just Adc main and ofc there role is always weak

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