Riot today feels... slow

I was talking to my friend how the game felt several years ago. It actually went forward, riot actively added more things to the game and fixed what was wrong every 2 or 3 weeks. And now here we are, waiting for months for the reworks we care for, for the fixes, nerfs and buffs that the game needs, for the requests that thousands of players are asking for and for the things who could fix the game for the countless persons who are quitting the game. I feel like the old Riot would already fixed most of the flaws of today, or atleast they would've tried much faster Edit: I didn't say that the "old" Riot was perfect, but the "new" Riot definitely feels like being miles away from its former self's efficiency. Yes, some previous game flaws were badly managed back then, but as of today, almost every single changes that Riot makes definitely dosen't satisfy the community, even though that its number is steadily decreasing since several months (Please, don't bring the "League of Legends dying is a myth" argument; this isn't the topic and several recent posts talks about this topic and shows raw and reliable data clearly showing the game's popularity going downhill faster and faster)
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