My opinion on Patch 9.10 based off of Surrender@20

Surrender at 20
(With the release of patch 9.9 to live on May 1st, we started the new 9.10 PBE cycle.) Previous PBE Cycles in 2019 Below you will find a comprehensive list of new content, balance changes, and whatever else is included in the current PBE cycle!
I want to add my opinion on this because i just want this off my chest after watching many videos and seen many things along with it. In this patch it may seem small, but it is game changing for the game, this patch alone is gonna be meta changing for solo, duo, and professional plays. **_New Champion Yuumi_** This new edition champion has a mixture of 3 different champions, Soraka, Rakan, and Sona, keeping that squishy-like style champion while making him quite unique. This champion i do believe is a nice edition to the game. the only thing that seem worry some is how well our little cat can combo with Veigar, there will most likely be a nerf to her later on thanks to Veigar passive. However I don't believe this is too abuse-able as it does show counter plays. _Side note: our little cat also getting an amazing skin that show how much more awesome she can be, i love and i cant wait to get my hands on it one day_ **Brand Buffs** Brand buff will have a good chance to bring him back to the mid lane, but he will still most likely see more plays as a support due to his low mana cost and range whiling standing as a second carry and can peel his carry. this will only change how often he is gonna get picked or banned **Caitlyn Buff** Caitlyn small buff to her early game is small and barely noticeable, I believe this isn't necessary for her, but a buff is a buff, and to me it is welcome anytime **Greaves Buff** Due to the changes to Skuttle (to what i believe that is), Greaves been noticeably slightly weaker, to compensate for the changes, he will get a slight buff to his late game, this wont make much of an impact, but like i said, a buff is a buff, and again, it is welcome **Master Yi Changes** Master Yi is getting a nice QoL, to speak in more detail, he losing his passive from his Wuju Style(E), however he will receive some changes to his "Alpha Strike(Q)" and "Meditate(W)" were he wont have cast time for them and for Q to hit the same target for up to 175% damage if there no other target around while in his Alpha Strike. **Riven Changes** These changes are quite noticeable, making Riven more aggressive and less about her consistent damage, in my opinion, she will be more mobile thanks to the changes but more vulnerable to long endurance fights where she was given many benefits from her shield. **Shaco QoL** he gain a small QoL, I'm not sure if this a good direction or not, but a change none the less **Soraka buff** Soraka is getting a small buff to his Q movement speed, they notice that Soraka winrate has lowered due to the last changes to her "Starcall(Q)", thus a small buff will hopefully suffice for her in the support role **Tryndamere changes** People were just plainly tired of AP Tryndamere being in power, they are nerfing his Spinning Slash(E) Ap Ratio and the lower the CD of his Spinning Slash to compensate it, this will be seen as his way to avoid building AP now thanks to this **Vayne nerf** They seen how much stronger Vayne is with Rageblade and ultimate combo, to tone this down, they decided to nerf her value of her Final Hour Cooldown Reduction to be more of a late game power instead of an instant power house. **Xin Zhao Buff** Xin Zhao is getting a nice small buff to his early levels of his Q, that way he doesnt have to focus majorly on his Q and level up other ones that can be more important for him to have **Essence Reaver buff** Plays have been opting for 2 Infinity Edge instead of going the usual path, this gives ADC a bit more damage, to evade from this build, Riot decided to increase the AD on Essence to make it more attractive to buy, Nice buff overall, and chances are, this might come back for this patch **rageblade** The changes to rageblade will effect many champions and it causes worries for melee champions especially, I honestly don't know truely why this nerf is being applied, for the compensation isnt gonna be a lot either. __my opinion is that rageblade should have a phantom hit should be changed so that it can only effect Range champions and not Melee champions, because this change will effect them more then the ADC__ **Runic Echoes** A gold value buff to it which allow mage players in the jungle to gain this item faster, it is a nice buff because it is rare to play mage champion with the cost of it, the small buff it is given should be more then enough to give a hand to the mages **Conqueror nerf** Honestly, coming from a Yi main, i do agree of the changes here, since this Keystone can be proc so easily by many different champions. This change will make the conqueror less of a "must pick" rune for many champions, this isn't bad, losing only a small percentages of the sustain and damage won't cost the game, but should make the keystone less attractive overall Sorry for the grammar everyone, hope you like this, hopefully nothing too negative.
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