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Please Give this a serious thought before deciding to downvote or upvote. Also Comment on your opinon. Fiora doesn't feel like a "Grand Duelist" when thinking about champs of the category I felt Irelia, Riven, Yasuo, and Renekton felt like actual duelists. They are able to 1 v 1 really well as well as being able to team fight, however looking at Fiora she can't really do that as well as them. Sure she can 1 v 2 or 1 v 3 if she plays it well or they lack CC but she doesn't feel like her title states for "Grand Duelist". I feel like she is also rather weak due to being squishy, thinking maybe slight buff to hp per level or something, other bruisers are way Tankier but do equal or more damage than "Grand Duelist" with Trinity-Force only lets look at jax or irelia they are surprisingly tanky with just {{item:3078}} Tiamat compared to Fiora with just a {{item:3078}} and Tiamat. The damage she does is fine I see no problem to that, I feel like shes due for some buff of some sort or minor rework, I feel this way because compared to every other champ she doesn't feel very good to play currently. Another issue with fiora is the fact that her mana feels rather limited, lets say at level 18 when you have maxed out abilities you use the abilities of: ( keep in mind fiora has a base mana of 980 ) R (100) + Q (40) + W (50) + E (60) = 250 Mana and you should have about maybe 1 or 2 vitals hit already so you throw a few more Q's R (100) + Q (40) + W (50) + E (60) + Q (40) = 290 Mana That was basically 1/3 of her mana and afterwards she will probably have to shove wave fast so another Q and E 390 mana total wasted if there were buffs I would expect something small like: HP: 550 (+ 85) -> 570 (+92) Armor: 33 (+ 3.5) -> 33 (3.7) and if there were a mini rework to her kit maybe some form of waveclear or a hard cc on one of the abilities. For example E doesnt slow but instead stun for .5 s which would give her some form of hard CC besides the long CD parry. Edit: I do know these issues are caused by indirect nerfs, thats why I was stating that something small for early game could help. Not more Base AD but maybe more HP or Armor scaling increase or base stats buffed by 20 hp, and amor growth increase by .1 or .2 thes changes wouldnt impact her to where shes broken but rather to where she feels a bit better. Edit 2: shes currently also a 46.7% wr according to Edit 3: Also her items are expensive, lets look at Hydra 3500 + tri force 3733 + DD 3500 = 10733 gold while Renekton: Black Cleaver 3000 + Steraks 3200 + Hydra 3500 = 9700 which is ideal for a cheap build while he can also 1 v 1 or 1 v 2 way Equal to or better than Fiora Vladimir: Rabbadons 3600 + Spellbinder 2900 = 6500 gold (with that he can beat a Fiora in burst and sustained fight dmg) I know there will be people who just think shes straight up broken in terms and end up down voting without giving a thought and that's fine. I tried to make this post as reasonable as can be. The moment someone sees "Fiora needs a buff" they think "That would make her broken" but I can't stop people from stating their opinions or views. Funny thing was we didn't post this to make a big overpowered buff happen, we did this to hope for something small like 2 seconds off the w early game, base stats, hp or resistances per level, or something of the sort to happen. Fiora isn't the only champion that needs a buff, there are plenty others but regardless this was what I and a few others think about the state of Fiora in the moment. Thank you for reading this post if you read the whole. and even if you skimmed this post thank you for your time even clicking on this post.
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