Would ADC benefit more from telegraphed abilities?

I noticed Riot really going towards the route of adding telegraphed abilities that have somewhat decent amount of counterplay. {{champion:122}} has a Q that is delayed and it can be dodged if you have enough mobility/distance. {{champion:57}} Ultimate is pretty easy to dodge, but getting hit by it is somewhat rewarding and it's something that you can see coming. {{champion:3}} Easy to dodge ultimate, and taunt. Great counterplay. {{champion:420}} Easy to dodge tentacle. If you understand the champion, there are ways to fight her {{champion:14}} Decent enough delay in almost all his abilities {{champion:5}} His new W can be dodge, instead of what was one a guaranteed ability. {{champion:498}} Feathers is something you can actively work around, although it's not easy These are not the only champions. Most of their champions that have been balanced on, or reworked have included some changes that give them some sort of telegraphed abilities. Do keep in mind, i'm not saying the champions are in good stated or better off. It seems riot wants to add some extra telegraphed ability that you can somewhat dodge, work around, or see coming. Do you think Riot should do something similar to ADC champions? Perhaps push them more towards giving the abilities more delay or power so that they can work around that rather just doing AA's as most of their damage? Corki is a decent example. Quite strong with AA but a lot of his power comes from his abilities as well.

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