Bard, The Jungle Support

So, We all know bard has a less than likeable reputation at the current moment. I mean, I love they, I MAIN as they (not sure what gender Bard is), but I just got a crazy, crazy idea on how he can be used to his full potential. Why doesn't they join the Jungler? If Bard can keep the Jungler alive enough so that they doesn't have to retreat back to heal every five seconds, wouldn't the Jungler get an amazing head start? also, Bard's chimes mostly spawn in the jungle, so they won't be off somewhere else doing his own thing. Their E is also an awesome transporting tool for ganking. Imagine how scary it would be to be doing your own thing when all of a sudden Bard and a Jungler as well as your opponent come chasing after you out of nowhere. Plus, with all that mobility when they is near a lane, they could pop over and lay a health shrine by whomever. Pros: a strong jungler capable of grabbing dragon/buffs faster, more stronger and quicker ganks, and no abandoning your partner to go grab chimes. What do you guys think?{{champion:432}}
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