Late Game Runes Vs. Short Games.

I'm thinking of Dark Harvest, but I think there are a few runes that apply to this topic. (Gathering Storm also) Games just end to fast. Dark Harvest REALLY starts to take off at like 35 minutes+ but who cares? Adjust the runes to ramp up at 25 minutes, cuz lets be honest, 25 minutes, is new late-game. I'm not complaining. I think 30 minute games are fun. Just show love to the "late-game" fantasy, because right now, you are way better off just going for the early bully. In one game, I got dark Harvest to REALLY start ramping up, but it was 45 minutes in, and I was fed like 20 kills.... At that point I could have had any rune, and still carried the team. The Dark Harvest just felt like a bonus to winning.
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