Just look at those Riven buffs on PBE. Lmao

A massive buff to her W AND R. Since they're buffing the minimum damage on her R from 100 to 175, she's just going to stat-check harder. On top of that they're significantly increasing her scaling on W and R minimum damage by 30% bAD each. Looking at her now, she in no way needs buffs this large to her early game. You're basically making her level 6 an automatic kill. This is the opposite of an interactive change on a champion notorious for leaving little for an opponent to do in terms of outplay. _____________________ Edit: This was added to the PBE on after I created this post: "Damage % increase based on missing health lowered from [0-200%] to [0-100%]." Now the minimum is going up significantly, while the max damage remains the same.
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