Creating burst mages with a non-damaging ultimate is a terrible idea

It means you have to put all of their damage in their basic abilities, which creates some problems: 1) Enemies have less windows of time to play around that champion's damage, because all of their damage is tied to low cooldown abilities 2) You risk overloading a champion's basic kit 3) Depending from what you put as the champion's non-damaging ultimate, it may create a champion that is difficult to balance because it is far stronger at the hands of competitive players instead of everyone else I am saying that because that is one of the problems of {{champion:142}} currently. If you reduce her Q and/or E's damage and shift to her passive or her W, you are making her require less skill to play properly. If you do the opposite (increase her Q and E's damage instead of her passive and her W) you are just making her have the Nidalee/Blitzcrank syndrome (doesn't matter if you dodge her Q 99 times, all it takes is for her to land one to completely fuck you hover) You can't put damage in her ultimate due to the way it works. So part of her damage can't be tied to a long cooldown ability. What to do, then? {{champion:163}} suffers from the same problem, to a lesser extent. All of her damage is tied to her basic abilities. This creates a situation where she feels shit to play against when she is strong because she may burst you down just with her basic abilities, and you have less windows of time to play around that because her cooldowns are fairly low. At least the way her Q works lessens this problem. But in Taliyah's situation, her ultimate is even worse due to the fact that it is the main reason why she is difficult to balance for both competitive and non-competitive players. {{champion:4}} also has a non-damaging ability, but his Q is incredibly easy to dodge if you aren't stunned by his gold card, which is the one that deals the least damage out of all three cards. Also, he is required to build items that supplement his damage. This is something that Zoe and Taliyah don't have to do. Peharps it is time to reduce the damage on their kits and force them to build items like {{item:3100}} and Hextech items to do damage? Although to be honest, Zoe's kit is just flawed. People say "delete Zoe". I don't know if it is just a joke or if it is serious, but either way, Riot can't delete her. It is too late at this point. What they need to do, however, is to rework her kit. It is just incredibly frustrating to play against. And she is also very dominant at the competitive setting.
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