Interesting Riot perspective on buff/nerf champions and thought process

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Too many points to remember them all and they got off-track so much, but it was still fun to hear all the info they gather and think about. So rather than reply to all or most of the points, I'm just going to throw a few things out there. 1. Seems disgustingly over-dismissive of "low elo" players. Given, the average lower elo player really doesn't know enough to provide good commentary; however, that doesn't mean EVERYONE has nothing to offer. 2. Both LL Stylish and Blaustoise mention a problem with akali is her ability to sit in shroud, take no damage from tower, and zone you for a very long time. I've said this for about half a year as akali's main problem. TF had the duration he could hold gold card locked in nerfed for that and he could zone you for far less time. So... that's a "low elo" player independently identifying the problem... before Riot or high elo mention it. Second part of this point: their solution to this is WRONG despite identifying the problem correctly. Their solution? Longer cd on shroud. That's literally ignoring the problem. So akali has to wait another 2-5 sec to again zone you off an entire minion wave under your own tower? No friends. The solution is two parts. First... increase the re-stealth timer. As in, opponents have a reasonable chance of returning damage against akali when she attacks them from shroud. I don't care about tower damage being dealt to her... just let me auto or throw an ability at her when she attacks me. And then lower the duration of her shroud... not the cd between shrouds. The duration. Just like with tf, you need to reduce the zoning potential of akali by reducing the duration for which she can zone you off xp and cs. You do both of those and she would have far more FAIR counterplay. And who knows... if you still think she doesn't do enough damage without being fed, then that would leave you an actual opening to buff her should she need it. And it would be done in a healthier manner which rewards GOOD gameplay while letting opponents punish BAD gameplay - i.e. "counterplay". Anyways, I've made several balance suggestions - from complete overhauls of league and the methodology to approach a complete rebalancing of champions, items and runes properly to more specific smaller scale fixes. I might not be high elo, but I have a lot to my resume besides the above where I called out the problem with akali before Riot and high elo. The correct hotfix for tank ekko when he was meta - half a season before Riot fixed him properly. A cho'gath rune setup that was new and original which saw play by SKT's toplaner within 2 weeks of my theory crafting it and for the exact reasons I created the rune setup. Correctly predicting when camille and re-reworked galio would be broken and WHY they would be just based off their stats and without ever having had to play as/with/against them. Bringing several champions to new roles such as morg support (8 months before the pro's and for the same reasoning they did), nautilus support (around the time morg sup first peaked as THE best support and c9 was new... I was a few months ahead of the curve on the next innovation), determining lissandra support didn't work due to too low of range on her abilities and too much potential to mess with minion waves when casting abilities (same thing LemonNation investigated shortly thereafter and concluded same thing as me since we never saw it in his pro matches with c9), and nautilus top to name a few. My point here isn't that I'm amazing or that everything I suggest should be implemented. But the point is that Riot needs to stop immediately dismissing lower elo players' suggestions and comments as mostly irrelevant as far as actual balance... because some of us (not just me) actually have a real damn clue about what is going on and how to improve - sometimes even with better suggestions than what they come up with or... the same solution they come up with only we come up with it faster.
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