In Platinum I see roughly the same 10 champs banned every game.

{{champion:10}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:517}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:24}} . And a lot of the time there are overlapping bans on Riven, Yasuo, Vayne, and even Hecarim now. It's funny how Riven isn't deemed "nerf-worthy" when she has the overall 2nd highest winrate (53.44%) coupled with the 2nd highest pickrate (11.54%) . It's funny because this is supposedly a "high skill cap champion" that requires tremendous amounts of skill to be able to pull off and win with yet, for some reason she's able to be played a ton and not have her average winrate suffer from it. I can only imagine the winrate for her one-tricks/hardcore mains. And next, Vayne. This is a joke at this point. She's rocking a 52.71% winrate in Toplane where she is absolute cancer for any melee to try to deal with and she's rocking a 52.24% winrate in Botlane with a whopping 24.2% pickrate. Her pickrate in Toplane is only 3.85% but that still adds up to Vayne being in your game over 28% of the time while winning over 52% of the time. Once again, a supposed "high skill cap" champion that takes tremendous skill to pull off but it seems her staggering playrate by nearly fucking anyone doesn't seem to have much effect at all on her high winrate. Once again, I can only wonder what winrates her mains are crushing it at when she isn't fucking banned or picked by someone else first. Those are the only two champions I'm going to pinpoint in this post because they have both been long overfuckingdue for nerfs. Going as far back as prior to the release of Firecracker Vayne where she has been buffed the last 5 fucking times she's been touched on patches. What I find the most bullshit is that you REDUCED the cooldown of her Tumble from 6/5/4/3/2 to 4/3.5/3/2.5/2 in Patch 8.18 AND THEN followed that up with the stupid ass buff to her Ultimate where she gains 50% reduced cooldown on Tumble when activated in 9.1. All the while with her ABUSING the completely gamebreaking, bullshit passive on Rageblade that is Phantom-Hit. Riot at this point us players just have to believe you don't fucking care or you're incompetent at balancing your own game. Riven literally has not been nerfed since Patch 5.21. She has either had buffs or bug fixes in any patch she has been touched in since 5.21. Must be nice to live in that safety net of not having your champion ever fucking nerfed or negatively changed over the past nearly 4 Seasons. Yes I'm salty about that. It just adds to the pile of bullshit that is Riven and how every time the community starts complaining about her, Riot makes up some bullshit or ignores her completely hoping the posts about her will quiet down. Yes, Spear of Shojin is stupid toxic on her as well as a few other champions but once again, why should Riven skirt direct nerfs and instead cause multiple other champions to be nerfed because she is disgusting on top of using a disgusting passive on an item. Hit her fucking E cooldown, base shield strength, and the scaling it has. She is so unbelievably god damn tanky with Black Cleaver and Spear giving her 650 HP and then Death's Dance giving her a bleed effect that she just passes off onto her shield to absorb. BALANCE YOUR FUCKING GAME
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