Long list of reasons why Riot's team does a bad job (personal opinion)

Seriously, this game feels so dumb right now. When I started with LoL at the beginning of S7, I experienced a beautiful game. Diverse champions, strategic teamplay plus individual skill brought you a really exciting experience (wow, that sounds like a marketing line, but yeah, it's how I felt back then). Unfortunately, since the end of S7, Riot is just taking one dump after another on their flagship game. Just a few examples, far from complete: 1. Ardent censer meta ignored for ages 2. New runes making the game far too snowbally 3. Getting rid of old runes and instead giving every champion fixed base stats, which are seriously debatable 4. Stopwatch fiesta 5. Support item double rework, so now you don't even get to establish proper vision when you are behind 6. Zoe being one of the worst champion designs (not even OP anymore, just trash design, look up all the old threads for reference) 7. Midlane rework bringing possibly exploitable items like Shurelya's 8. Jungle rework, putting awkward strategic emphasis on scuttler and zoning out half of the jungling champion pool from being meta 9. Not only pushing the snowballing damage creep even further with every rework, but also introducing something I'd call true damage creep (Conqeror anyone?) 10. You can get a kill on bot lane, if you have to go base afterwards you might lose tower in the meantime, because towers are fragile like toilet paper For me, it's just impossible to play a proper game of League anymore. It's all about who kills whom first. Hard feeding happens fast, and if one of your lanes does, you can ff @ 10-15. It's hard to not be toxic vs Riot anymore, seriously. But since about a year I have the feeling that the only competent part of Riot's team is the one that creates the lore and the creative / visual design stuff. On all other fields, Riot has no idea what they are doing. And I have no clue what to do about it. Probably just moving on to other games? Really, I don't know. :(
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