Can you not buff Diana the way you do in the PBE?

Ok, the reason why Akali was reworked is because she had a nuke point and click dash which had resets on it creating a non counterplay "you should not enter" zone. Diana has a really large power budget flung into this poor mechanic and I thought she was one of the high priority rework targets of the said "diver rework" a few years ago. Noct is probably getting a rework, Xin got a rework so why you postpone Diana when you clearly had a direction when you announced it back then? Currently she even lost a opportunity for a PERFECT skin last year to eclipse Leona. And from what I heard, she had more interesting high risk moon-themed diving orientated skills at PRE-release. Since she has no "moon" themed skills aside from her Q shape can't you just work on her? It has been a while since I used Diana and I want her to be fun to play. Not this binary champion which relies on ult alone.
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