Kennen and Rakan unplayable now, time to pay our respects now

Kennen Armor and magic resist to his E is being move over to his ultimate, which is useless because it brings 0 value to him, thanks to the consistancy of his passive and zhonyas, he pretty much doesn't take damage anyways, they are pretty much nerfing his engage making it hard for kennen to go in without getting blown up. "what about his flash ulti combo" yeah can happen every 5 mins, so good luck with that when they use their abilities to force a flash out from you, you become useless from there Rakan will be getting a buff to his ultimate, allowing it to increase his charm and movement speed power from it, they are also gonna allow your ultimate bonus to refresh upon each new hit. but the thing they are nerfing is you allowing to use his W and E during this time, i get it that his ultimate is strong when combine with his W, but his E was well needed to keep his team alive while keeping the core of what this champion does. "A champion who can dash in and out of danger while supporting his team" they just pretty much gutted half of his abilities. I would understand if his ultimate can be turn off on command, but now, it forces him to no longer be an Enchantress as he suppose to be, this is very conflicting as I use to main him (now im dropping him completely)

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